Test Weights & Cradles Lift Rite 2

News 5 Clump WeightLift-rite Engineering Services has completed the design, manufacture and test of a 200te SWL test weight cradle which has now been added to our extensive fleet of cradles and test weights available for hire.

The 200te SWL cradle can be lifted by either 4 corner lift points or by a single central lift point and has integrated tugger pad eyes to assist positioning. It is designed to utilise Lift-rites 4te test weights and can be configured to any weight between 16te and 200te.

The 200te SWL cradle has just returned after successfully completing its first hire where it was used subsea to tether a buoy during an umbilical installation project.

For more information on the hire or bespoke design of test weights and test cradles please contact us or call on 0844 815 0085.