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Lift-rite Engineering Services

At Lift-rite Engineering Services we design, manufacture and test bespoke mechanical equipment and systems. Our focus is providing customers with innovative and effective solutions.

We also offer a comprehensive range of engineering services including: proof load testing, lift planning, non-destructive testing, design of fall protection systems and the supply, inspection, servicing, repair and calibration of loose lifting equipment.

We provide the very best in product excellence across our complete range of products and services providing our customers with peace of mind.

Our business based in the North East of England, is focused on providing innovative and cost saving solutions that fulfil our clients’ aspirations, while adhering to statutory health and safety obligations.

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Latest News

Lift Rite Emergency Release Coupler1

Lift-rite Engineering Services Carries Out Latest Job Testing On Emergency Release Coupler

Lift-rite Engineering Services has just completed the testing of an emergency release coupler project for the Oil and Gas sector.
Port of Blyth Wind Turbine

Lift-rite Engineering Services Rises To The Challenge In Constructing First UK Wind Turbine Training Facility

Lift-rite Engineering Services has been instrumental in assembling a wind turbine training facility at one of the Port of Blyth’s terminals, a first of its kind for the UK wind industry.