Lift Rite Three 180 Tonne Reels 2

Lift Rite Engineering Services has completed its latest project, the lifting of three 180 tonne reels. Lift Rite, a specialist provider of lifting equipment, fall protection systems and on site rigging and testing services, completed the lift using riggers and a lifting beam designed by Lift Rite and Lift Rite supplied ultra light Dyneema round slings. The reels were then lifted and loaded on time and to our clients specifications and requirements.

Graeme Robson, managing director at Lift Rite said ‘due to the size and weight of the reels, this was an especially challenging logistical operation. But due to our experience, readily available specialized equipment and thorough planning, we were able to complete the task with relative ease and on time.’

For more information please contact Lift Rite on 0844 815 0085.