Proof Load Testing 2Lift-rite carried our proof load testing of a 300 tonne SWL deck crane on board the ship Deep Constructor.

Lift-rite’s dedicated engineers worked through the night to complete the load test of 330 tonnes which was applied using ten of our 35 tonne capacity water load bags rigged with our heavy duty lifting equipment.

The load test was completed safely within the required time scale with the test being witnessed by the client and class surveyor.

Using our water load bags ensured costs were controlled by eliminating transport charges for steel test weights.

Siemens Rail Division 1Lift-rite engineering services received an unusual request from Siemens rail division to assist with testing requirements.

London Midland were looking to increase the running speed of its Class 350/1 EMU fleet from 100 mph to 110mph to allow journey times to be reduced on the hourly service out of Euston on the West coast main line.

Lift-rite were requested to provide hand type steel test weights which were to be placed into the carriage to simulate 80 tonnes of passengers and this would replicate a fully crush-loaded unit.

On completing an initial site visit to ascertain how the weights would be placed into the seats and to complete full method statements and risk assessments, Lift-rite come up with a novel testing method of using water load bags which would be strapped into the seats and filled with water to provide the 80 tonne test loading requirement.

The method was agreed by Siemens which saved a serious amount of time rather than having to transport 4,000 hand weights to site and manually load onto the train.

The water load bags which are normally used for testing life boats were placed into the seats and secured and then through a network of hoses, manifolds and flow meters were filled to the required capacity.

This method of testing was so successful, Siemens indicated that this method would be standard practice for the future.

The load testing was completed safely and the service is now running to the increased speed of 110mph.

Lift-rite recently completed a contract lift project for work on the River Tyne.

Our work scope was from initial site surveys, Lift planning through to completion of the heavy lift.

A 110 Tonne Ampelmann gangway system was lifted from a vessel and placed onto the hard standing quay area for works to be carried out on the gangway.

On completion of the required work to the gangway, Lift-rite lifted the gangway onboard another vessel using a 1000 Tonne mobile crane.

Once the gangway was installed, Lift-rite carried out load testing of the gangway to ensure its safety prior to use.

Work was completed safely and on time within budget for our client.

Lift-rite have the ability to manage your mobilisation / de-mobilisation projects from start to finish with a 120 tonne capacity crane on our quay to complete your heavy lifts.

Our rigging team are on hand 24/7 to ensure that your work is completed safely and on time.